A few wood bowls that I turned this year

I have finish turned a few wood bowls this year and thought I should make a post about it.

This first is a birch wood bowl that came from the crotch part of the tree where a branch met the trunk. The resulting figure shows some nice feathering which made for a nice piece.

This second is a birch wood bowl that shows a nice bit of chatoyence in the wood figure. The wood for both of these bowls came from a few pieces of wood that my wife and I found on the side of the road in West Vancouver last year.

last is a maple wood bowl that is also the largest and has a bit of spalting going on.

All three bowls were finished with tung oil and then buffed using the Beal buffing system. I have begun using tung oil for all my bowls because I find that it gives a durable and protective finish. It is also a natural product which is reassuring those who worry about food safety (although most modern finishes are required, by the FDA, to be food safe once cured).

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