Ring holder boxes

Every year I try to come a with a couple of new ideas for things to make for my nieces and this past Christmas what I came up with was ring holder boxes. It’s not a new idea, other people have made them before but while I’ve made ring holders and I’ve made boxes this was my first time to combine the two ideas.

The basic idea is to make a ring holder that serves as a lid for a small box where other pieces of jewellery can be stored. To give credit where it’s due my wife gave me a lot of help in refining the shape and proportions when I was first trying to figure out the design for these.

The first prototype was made from mountain ash wood and while the basic idea worked out there were a number of changes that I wanted to try in the next one.

The next ring holder box was still mountain ash but with some refinements to the shape and proportions.

After the second box I was happy enough with the design to start making the ring holder boxes for my nieces Christmas presents. For these I decided to use some maple burl wood with really spectacular figure to it.

I decided to make one more that is a bit special. My wife had to work on Christmas day so I was left at home with some time on my hands. I already had her present but decided to make her one more using a nice piece of plum wood from a tree that had been in our yard. It turned out to be a bit tight time wise but I managed to get it done just in time to present it to her when she got home (no time for wrapping though).

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