Plum wood Christmas bell ornaments

This weekend I decided to get into the Christmas spirit by making some Christmas bell ornaments out of plum wood. The wood came from a branch that I pruned from one of our trees this summer. I love this wood with the way the creamy coloured sapwood contrasts with the rich brown of the heartwood. I made them with a natural edge so that there is still a ring of bark just at the bottom of the bells.


On the inside of the ornaments I attached a little jingle bell so that they would have a bit of a ring to them.

2 thoughts on “Plum wood Christmas bell ornaments

  1. Do you sell these plum wood bells? I buy a Christmas bell for each of my ringers every year, but I’ve never seen the wooden ones before.

  2. I do sell the bells but the type of wood depends on what I have available when I’m making them. I’m not sure if I’m going to have any plum wood this year. I’ll have cherry for sure and I think I have a bit of yew wood the right size.

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