2019 Market Schedule


Update: I now have my fall and Christmas market schedule finalized. I will be doing a couple of weeks with The Eastside Flea  in east Vancouver and three weeks with the Shipyards market in North Vancouver.

I have some of my markets booked for 2019. As usual I will update the schedule as I book additional markets.

At this moment I have my usual markets booked with Shipyards night market on Friday nights in North Vancouver and the Saturday Summer Sessions that are also in North Vancouver on Saturday nights.

Both of these markets take place in the North Vancouver Shipyards that is a block east from Lonsdale Quay, tucked in behind the Tap & Barrel restaurant and the Pinnacle hotel. It sounds like the new facilities that they have been constructing in the Lot 5 area will finally be opening this summer so that is something to look forward to.



  • May 3, 10, 17 – Shipyards Night market
  • June 14 & 21 – Shipyards Night market
  • July 5 – Shipyards Night Market
  • July 6 – Saturday Summer Sessions
  • July 19 – Shipyards Night Market
  • July 20 – Saturday Summer Sessions
  • August 2 – Shipyards Night Market
  • July 27 – Saturday Summer Sessions – Updated
  • August 16 & 30 – Shipyards Night Market
  • September 13 & 27 – Shipyards Night Market

Summer time

This summer has been quite busy so time for the computer and updating the website has been on hold for a while. This will be my first post since June.

I had my market nights down at the Shipyard with North Shore Green Markets and added on a market on Bowen Island for their Bowfest festival that went quite well. Besides those commitments I also needed to do some work on the house and we had some relatives pass through town. So now that fall has arrived I am just now realizing that things are slowing down just in time for me to get ready for Christmas.

There are a number of things to write about but I think that I will break them down into smaller posts rather than trying to do one monster post. One thing that I will show here though is the front entrance to our house. We had a bit of a problem that came a head this summer with the small roof over our front door being rotted out. We had known about this since we moved into the house a few years ago but the repairs got delayed until this summer when I finally had to tear it down and rebuild. Since it was responsible for limiting my time at the lathe for a couple of months I’ll put up a couple of pictures to show what I did accomplish.

Besides that I also:

  • Opened up a storefront on Foodie Pages
  • Spent some time with my nieces at the lathe
  • Turned a few big bowls
  • And some other things that I’m sure I’ll be able to remember right after I post this

I write those up as separate posts in order to make the post sizes manageable.

A few wood bowls that I turned this year

I have finish turned a few wood bowls this year and thought I should make a post about it.

This first is a birch wood bowl that came from the crotch part of the tree where a branch met the trunk. The resulting figure shows some nice feathering which made for a nice piece.

This second is a birch wood bowl that shows a nice bit of chatoyence in the wood figure. The wood for both of these bowls came from a few pieces of wood that my wife and I found on the side of the road in West Vancouver last year.

last is a maple wood bowl that is also the largest and has a bit of spalting going on.

All three bowls were finished with tung oil and then buffed using the Beal buffing system. I have begun using tung oil for all my bowls because I find that it gives a durable and protective finish. It is also a natural product which is reassuring those who worry about food safety (although most modern finishes are required, by the FDA, to be food safe once cured).


My apologies for the lack of pictures at the moment. The plugin that I was using to manage my galleries stopped working properly and in my attempts to figure out the problem I managed to delete most of the pictures from my website.

I am working on the problem but it will likely be a while before I get everything back to normal.

Progress pictures

I’m waiting for a few pieces that I am pre-finishing on my latest project to dry and thought I could put up a few pictures while I waited. This project is a bit experimental. It started with a conversation with someone I was taking first aid exam with a few months ago. We came up with an idea that seemed interesting and I decided that I wanted to try it out.

Since it was an experiment I didn’t want to spend too much money on it and instead decided to do some more experimenting. I milled the wood from a log that I had collected for doing some turning and then stacked it and waited for it to dry. When it was dry I then hand planed the wood (I’m trying to learn how to us a plane more effectively and bought my first good jack plane) and proceeded to start working it. Here are a couple of pictures of it’s current state. Can anyone guess what the end result is going to be?